Programs Offered

» Infants (6 weeks – 12 months)
» Toddler (12 months – 24 months)

Afterschool (5 yrs – 11 yrs) We serve Codington, Pine Valley, Bellamy, Holly Tree, Parsley, Anderson & CFCI Elementary Schools

School Age Summer Camp (5 yrs -11 yrs.)

Program Goals
»To provide high quality care to children   and families and the communities we   serve by providing a positive learning   environment for each child

»Nurture the continued growth of our   teachers by creating professional   development opportunities/resources

»Serve as a resource to our families and   communities in the area of child  development

Infant/Toddler Curriculum

Our infant and toddler curriculum is designed to meet the individual needs of each child. Infants and toddlers are always learning so it is critical that the teachers make the most out of daily routines and provide a stimulating learning environment. Some of the most critical times for learning takes place during daily routines, such as eating, diapering, dressing, etc….
Our curriculum puts children’s health and safety first and our activities are designed to stimulate each child. Each week the teacher will prepare weekly-individualized lesson plans for each infant that will meet the child’s developmental needs. In the toddler class the lesson plans will also be prepared weekly for the entire group with a weekly theme. Each week parents will receive a copy of the lesson plan.


Our preschool curriculum includes both child-initiated and teacher directed activities. Our curriculum is set up to allow teachers to observe and build upon the children’s interest. All learning activities are adaptable to be responsive to children with varying ability levels. Our curriculum recognizes children’s individuality and encourages them to learn, grow, and build confidence.
Teachers will develop weekly theme based lesson plans that will provide experiences that will meet all levels of development while maintaining a safe and healthy environment. Each week parents will receive a copy of the lesson plans.